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Alert System Development with Debezium and IBigQueue


My journey in enhancing operational monitoring led to the creation of an alert system that is both dynamic and robust. This project was not just about building an alert system; it was about innovating how alert systems adapt and scale according to diverse operational demands.


To construct an alert system where adaptability is key. The system had to not only handle a high volume of alerts but also facilitate easy configuration of new alerts based on varying criteria and conditions.


Development Leadership

Guiding a team through the complexities of real-time data processing, I focused on a design that allowed for flexible configurations, enabling the system to adapt to new requirements with minimal code changes.

Technological Integration

The system's backbone was formed by combining the event-capturing capabilities of Debezium with the persistent queuing power of IBigQueue. We employed Java and Maven for our development, with Amazon RDS ensuring data persistence, and Quartz Scheduler managing our time-based tasks.


Solo Execution

Taking on the challenge as a one-person team, I spearheaded every facet of the alert system's development. This included not just coding but also devising a deployment strategy and ensuring ongoing maintenance.

Configurable Interfaces

The system's design is modular, with interfaces allowing for easy expansion and configuration. This means new alert types can be added without altering the core codebase, simply by introducing new conditions and queries.

Polling and Batch Processing

A custom polling mechanism was implemented to process data in batches every 5 seconds. This ensured the system's efficiency and stability, even under the weight of substantial data throughput.

Frontend Refresh Strategy

I designed the frontend to refresh data upon each load, tailored to the specific operational requirements. This approach balanced the need for up-to-date information with system performance considerations.

Systematic Logging

A comprehensive logging mechanism was integrated to provide insights into the system's operational status and to facilitate troubleshooting. This ensures transparency and ease of monitoring.

Deployment and Maintenance

The alert system was deployed as a systemctl service, enabling it to run as a background service on a Linux server. This choice was driven by the need for reliability and ease of management.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Updates and system enhancements are managed through Jenkins, which automates the deployment pipeline. This CI/CD process allows for streamlined updates and consistent application integrity.


  • End-to-End Development and Deployment: Orchestrated the entire project lifecycle from conception to deployment, emphasizing my full-stack development expertise.

  • Effective Batch Processing: Engineered a polling system that efficiently manages data processing without compromising on performance.

  • Dynamic User Interface: Crafted a frontend that provides a real-time experience while being mindful of system resources.

  • Advanced Logging: Integrated a robust logging framework to ensure comprehensive monitoring and ease of maintenance.

  • Systemctl Deployment: Strategically deployed the application as a systemctl service for enhanced reliability and control.

  • Jenkins-Powered Updates: Implemented a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, which guarantees smooth and consistent deployment of updates.


The completion of this alert system stands as a testament to the capabilities of modern technology when applied with thoughtful design and strategic planning. The system's robustness, coupled with an efficient update process, sets a high standard for real-time monitoring solutions.


  • State Transition Diagram: State Transition Diagram
  • Alert Dashboard Interface: Alert Dashboard Interface

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My Journey

My Journey

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